As an avid hiker and biker, I love trails and linear parks. For the past 20 years, I've worked and volunteered to repay the benefits I have enjoyed in California, Texas, New England, and New York. I've organized hundreds of volunteer workdays and I enjoy working with groups to figure out how to adopt, improve and maintain trails and the parks and natural landscapes that surround them. I now volunteer for several Boston-area parks organizations.

Seton Falls Park Trails
Surveyed usage for New Yorkers for Parks in July 2016 using the SOPARC method.
Decomposed granite wheelbarrow brigade, as we resurface an access trial on Barton Creek Greenbelt, S
Resurfaced Access Trail
on the Barton Creek greenbelt, Austin, TX, spring 2009.
1 of 15 volunteer teams
at National Trails Day in June 2010 on the Barton Creek Greenbelt, Austin TX
American Youthworks crew
members from the Texas Conservation Corps work to move boulders to repair creek edge damage in Barton Creek, Austin TX in summer, 2011.
Safety briefing
at Barton Creek trailhead. I think I'm referring to the "blood zone" and keeping safe distances between volunteers when using picks.
Bull Creek Greenbelt Trail
and some of the great volunteers that helped us over the years - here we celebrate a new trailside kiosk.
At work on the trail.
Rebuilding trail edge.
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